Hi! I'm Roxsy Moreno a Latinx author/illustrator.
I grew up in Merida, a tiny little town in Venezuela. My grandpa, his faithful Dachshund dog, and I enjoyed going to the Farmers Market almost every day. The endless colors of the market amazed my little girl’s heart, and I remember using my crayons until there was nothing but a chubby stump as I kept trying to sprinkle my drawings with the shops’ vibrancy.​
After I graduated from college, I started a career as an Illustrator and Background Artist in animation. I co-founded a small animation studio where I produced and did the Art Direction for the Cannes-selected animated short film, “Grazia.”
 I currently work as a freelance illustrator for the publishing business, and I’m an Intern at IllustrationDept.com.
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